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Dominic Tremblay

Planning & Development Advisor


Dominic has led development strategies, project management, market analysis, development programming, commercial deal-making, and strategic implementation efforts for over a dozen of LWLP’s projects across North America since 2015. He has worked with developers, city governments, community organizations, institutions and small business owners to plan, develop and activate mixed-use developments at various scales, including notable projects centered around Health & Wellness and Food & Beverage.


A Montréal native who has lived in France, the USA, and most recently Medellín, Colombia, Dominic brings an international perspective to LWLP projects, with a view toward developing sustainable, thriving communities in various geographic, economic, social and political contexts.


He is also a trained chef who leverages his experience in the food industry to provide insight into LWLP’s retail programming and Targeted Leasing & Casting (TLC) practices.


Dominic holds a B.A. from McGill University, and a Master of Planning in Urban Development degree from Ryerson University.