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Gabrielle Anne Reid

Project Manager


As a Project Manager, Gabrielle creates and reimagines places, neighbourhoods, towns and cities based on her theoretical and practical knowledge, her work and personal experiences, and social interactions. She considers the unique context of every place and community and builds upon the strengths and opportunities of each project.


Gabrielle has a B.A. in Geography from the University of Montreal and a joint Masters in Land Use Planning from Laval University and the University of Barcelona. Before joining Live Work Learn Play, she was the lead Project Manager in Canada and the United States for a London-based transport consultancy firm that expanded to base their North American operations in Montreal. She developed a solid understanding of project management, development and sustainable mobility and worked with public and private sector clients in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. She contributed significantly to the company’s business development and the adaptation of strategies to the North American context. Thanks to her time abroad, she speaks and writes fluent French, English and Spanish and adapts easily in any situation.


Her strong understanding of leadership and teamwork allows her to achieve excellent results in coordinating design teams and various stakeholders. As a member of the Ordre des Urbanistes du Qu├ębec (OUQ), she has an in-depth knowledge of the planning system and experience with projects that promote local business, socialization in the public realm, economic development, and active transportation. She has brought this experience to projects ranging from waterfront redevelopments, wellness communities, international tourist destinations and more.


Gabrielle enjoys collaborating with her team, clients and partners, loves to laugh, and will gladly share her joie de vivre!