Laurence Désourdy

Manager, Targeted Leasing and Casting (TLC)


Laurence Désourdy is a Targeted Leasing and Casting (TLC) Manager at LWLP. In this role, Laurence helps bring LWLP’s projects to life by identifying, attracting, building deep relationships and concluding quality deals with best-in-class operators and owners of quality food, retail, entertainment, recreation, hospitality and other businesses. She is singularly committed to fostering long-standing relationships that deliver the commercial excellence and dynamic experiences that activate and reinforce the authenticity, vision and goals of every place and project we are implementing.


Laurence comes from entrepreneurial roots and spent her early career working in a family enterprise, developing her business acumen in assuming various responsibilities covering a full range of business operations. Once striking out on her own, she grew her knowledge base and professional experience through assuming additional roles in management, sales and human resources, prior to joining LWLP.


Laurence completed a Bachelor in Consumer Sciences at Laval University in Québec City, focused on the dual disciplines of psychology and marketing, and completed a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in management, at Sherbrooke University, endowing her with diverse academic and professional foundations and tools that she brings to bear in all her work for LWLP.


Passionate about food and culture, Laurence’s has spent significant time roaming the globe feeding her culinary and creative sensibilities and talents, which she infuses seamlessly into every aspect of her business life and efforts.