Regenerating Italian Villages, Towns, Cities & Regions

Italy is well-positioned to be the global leader in abundant regions filled with complete wellness communities & placemaking real estate.


Wellness Communities Italia will invest in and work with local and national leadership to envision, develop and activate thriving and complete wellness communities and districts throughout the country. That pursuit will involve innovating, improving and modernizing local infrastructure and servicing, and catalyze the creation of new and exciting economies. All with the overarching mission of reinforcing and celebrating the authenticity, culture, heritage and history that makes each Italian village, town, city and region unique and special – whether in an urban, seaside or rural setting.


Live Work Learn Play is extremely proud and committed to collaborating with and investing in this international initiative with Wellness Communities Italia, Live Work Learn Play Italia, and Alchemy Concepts.

Wellness Communities Italia

Our Vision: Create thriving placemaking for the wellness of Italy and humanity by regenerating and revitalizing Italian villages, towns, cities & regions.


Our Mission: Help the Country of Italy by creating iconic, sustainable and economically vibrant communities and places that thrive for generations – where people live healthier, live happier, and live longer.


Our Wellness Strategy: Deliver and activate places with immersive “Wellness”, “Placemaking” and “Lifestyle”; all foundational pillars of our complete communities that will help catalyze Italy’s economic vitality and national well-being.

Why Italy?

The Italian peninsula extends from the Alps in the north to the central Mediterranean Sea in the south and has 21 defined regions and 82 provinces. This vast geographic diversity makes Italy a strategic territory economically, politically and socially. Characteristic of each region are the Italian Borghi, the thousands of lovely villages perched on majestic mountains and overlooking beautiful bays. The legacies of architecture and communities integrated into the landscape reflect strong examples of planning and living in harmony with the surrounding environment. Withstanding centuries, these villages still offer a richness of history, art and cuisine. With fewer than 5,000 inhabitants in many of them, the Italian Borghi are “the embodiment of Italy’s identity.” 


The grave impact of the pandemic led to a new call to action by the Italian government and catalyzed an opportunity to rethink economic growth and development for the country’s future in many low to high density areas.


Two new national initiatives have been launched by Italy’s leadership in 2021:

      1. Italy’s Recovery & Resilience PlanPNNR, #NEXTGENERATIONITALIA – allocating close to USD 400 billion from the EU to Italy for:
        1. Digitization, Innovation, Competitiveness and Culture
        2. Green Revolution and Ecological Transition
        3. Infrastructure for Sustainable Mobility
        4. Education and Research
        5. Inclusion and Cohesion
        6. Health
      1. Italy’s Relaunch Initiative for Tourism, Culture, Environment and AgricultureValore Paese Italia, State-Owned Property Office (Agenzia del Demanio) National Tourism Agency of Italy (ENIT) to:
        1. Enhance Italian public heritage economically and socially
        2. Extend and develop new territories for tourism
        3. Promote a public-private partnership system and network, and Cultural Tourism Eco-districts

Our Process

Through our multi-disciplinary expertise and our commitment to excellence, we are Master Developers, Placemakers and Revitalizers following Live Work Learn Play’s branded macro phases of economic and community regeneration and placemaking:

    • Envisioning, Positioning and Programming
    • Master Planning, Business Planning and Financial Modeling
    • Implementation and Development
    • Activation and Economic Development

In addition, health, wellbeing, innovation, lifestyle, socialization, sustainability and learning are foundational at our thriving communities and destinations, catalyzing 360-degree holistic « Wellness Economies. »

Guiding Principles of Our Complete Wellness Communities


Healthcare Wellness

Attracting world-class medical hospitals, satellite campuses, research centres and facilities, and health and wellness programs


Educational Wellness

Life-long learning opportunities by bringing internationally renowned educational institutions to collaborate with local learning concepts to our communities


Community Wellness

Fostering a sense of place, community and social belonging for new and existing residents

Mental & Physical Principles

Mental & Physical Wellness 

Nurturing mental, emotional and physical health by delivering and activating wellbeing facilities, programs and services throughout each community

Environmental Principles

Environmental Wellness

Delivering innovative, clean and sustainable infrastructure, servicing and technologies to our communities and beyond

Economic Principles

Economic Wellness

Catalyzing diverse and thriving economies by improving existing businesses and institutions while attracting substantial amounts of new, innovative and complimentary businesses and institutions, with the goals of delivering enduring prosperity, investment, affordability and accessibility within our complete communities.

The health and wellness of our communities are a direct result of the environments where we Live, Work, Learn and Play in Italia.




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