Creative Energy, LWLP to partner on district energy communities

Source: SustainableBiz Canada

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Aim to develop sustainable communities in Canada, the U.S

Low-carbon district energy firm Creative Energy and real estate developer Live Work Learn Play (LWLP) will partner to create sustainable communities that leave a legacy, a Creative Energy executive says.

Vancouver-based Creative Energy builds, owns and operates centralized heating and cooling infrastructure that links multiple buildings via a network of pipes. This leads to energy efficiency gains, cost effectiveness and a transition away from fossil fuels.

Creative Energy has completed projects in six cities in Canada and the U.S. It’s experience includes partnering with Minto Communities on a geoexchange system in the Greater Toronto Area community of Oakville.

The Live Work Learn Play partnership is a “perfect marriage” and a different kind of experience in scale and breadth compared to the Minto project, according to Diego Mandelbaum, senior vice-president of development at Creative Energy.

“With Minto we identified a specific project that was getting built and put together a partnership project, and hopefully that will transpire into other opportunities to collaborate. With Live Work Learn Play, it’s a bit more of a corporate partnership that we’re strategically looking across our entire portfolio how we can both collaborate with one another,” he said.

“We’re trying to make this replicable and scalable not just for one opportunity or one geography, but anywhere in North America that it makes sense for both of us.”