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Autumn Colors in Montreal City
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FRIDAY HARBOUR - Friday Harbour Resort
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Live Work Learn Play

Live Work Learn Play is an international real estate development and advisory firm on the cutting edge of conceiving, planning, developing, and activating dynamic, large-scale mixed-use projects and places.

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Wellness Communities Italia

Wellness Communities Italia

Live Work Learn Play Italia, along with Alchemy Concepts, is collaborating with and investing in the co-founding of Wellness Communities Italia, an international endeavour and initiative to create complete wellness communities and districts throughout Italy.


The Italian peninsula has 21 defined regions and 82 provinces with a vast geographic diversity that makes it a strategic global territory economically, politically and socially. Wellness Communities Italia is charged with investing in and working with local and national leadership to deliver complete wellness communities and districts, modernizing local infrastructure, and reinforcing the unique culture and heritage of each Italian town, city and region.


LWLP is proud to be part of this ambitious and transformative undertaking.

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