Creative Energy and Live Work Learn Play Forge Strategic Partnership to Lead Sustainable and Wellness-Oriented Community Development Across the U.S. and Canada

Source: Business Wire


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MONTREAL & TORONTO & SEATTLE – March 5, 2024 — After years of collaboration, Live Work Learn Play and Creative Energy announced today an innovative partnership dedicated to transforming the development of wellness-oriented, sustainable real estate projects and complete communities throughout North America. Live Work Learn Play, a developer and advisor renowned for its expertise in conceiving, planning, developing, and activating mixed-use community projects, is joining forces with Creative Energy, an investor, operator, and industry leader in the field of decarbonizing buildings and communities by providing low-to zero-carbon renewable energy through customized district energy systems.

This strategic partnership is formed in direct response to rising global concerns regarding the environment, economic stability, people’s health, well-being, and the importance of social connection. There is a heightened need to provide viable solutions to improve quality of life in a manner underpinned by investments into climate-resilient, self-sustainable infrastructure, and improved energy delivery. Creative Energy and Live Work Learn Play are mission-based organizations working together to address these needs by helping to create high-performing, dynamic mixed-use projects and communities focused on enabling well-being and powered by renewable, clean, community energy.

“Live Work Learn Play’s deep experience in large-scale community and economic development, and familiarity working with healthcare systems and higher-education institutions and campuses, is a natural fit and complement to our mission of providing low-to zero-carbon thermal energy infrastructure for a cleaner, better future,” said Wayne O’Connor, Creative Energy’s President and CEO. “We are excited to work with this organization to bring our expertise and investment to large-scale projects, complete communities, and customers across North America and continue demonstrating that there is a better way of delivering bespoke renewable energy that is reliable, resilient, and economical.”

Creative Energy funds, plans, develops, and operates low-to zero-carbon heating and cooling systems through district energy. Its innovative approach offers substantial up-front capital cost savings and competitive ongoing energy costs via tailor-made solutions backed by technical expertise in clean energy production and distribution. Live Work Learn Play has spent decades committed to improving people’s lives through thoughtful and visionary real estate planning and development that fosters 360-degree community and economic well-being, always working and collaborating with a range of public and private sector partners and stakeholders, including major developers, investors, landowners, institutions, and all levels of government.

 “We are delighted to be working alongside Creative Energy to help us accelerate the change we want to see, and help revitalize and build thriving, sustainable, and enduring communities,” said Max Reim, Live Work Learn Play’s CEO, Co-Managing Partner and Founding Principal. “By combining our expertise in large-scale, mixed-use community development projects with Creative Energy’s financial capabilities and long-term approach to neighborhood-scale energy, we aim to set a new standard for sustainable communities that will leave a positive legacy for future generations. Introducing district energy aligns with our sustainability vision and makes strategic sense for our development, government and institutional partners and clients, given the economic and environmental benefits it offers to the communities and projects we work on.”

Creative Energy and Live Work Learn Play are each industry leaders with impressive track records delivering cost-effective and financially viable projects from end-to-end. United by a firm belief that there are better ways to design, create, sustain and activate communities, the partnership will take a joint, on-the-ground approach to community development and infrastructure delivery that is customizable to the unique needs of each place, landowner, institution, and community without compromising on efficiency, quality and vision.