Bill Reim

Co-Managing Partner & Principal


Bill is a real estate industry leader with over 45 years of large-scale development experience spanning real estate analytics and economics, financing, financial re-engineering, planning, development, sales, leasing, turnarounds, acquisitions and/or dispositions of residential and commercial development/investment throughout North America. Bill leads LWLP’s involvement in the structuring, strategy, financing and development of all of LWLP’s projects.


Bill was the President and/or member of the senior management of several significant publicly traded development and sales companies and successfully led the creation and development of several startup real estate companies. Among them:


  • As a Senior Development Executive with the Cadillac Fairview Corporation (CF), Bill was responsible Canada-wide for all aspects of site selection, acquisition, envisioning and creation of CF’s regional shopping centers and all ancillary land development.
  • He started and led the group responsible for management and (re)development across a significant portion of the predecessor real estate portfolio of what was acquired ultimately by Power Financial Corporation, while also sitting on the credit committee of those same acquired entities.
  • As President of M-Corp Inc., Bill grew a small private chain of restaurants into a large multi-brand regional restaurant and real estate company that was publicly listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
  • He also led the Northview Realty Group, an acquisition/improvement program concentrating on multi-family residential properties in select areas of the United States that acquired over 6,000 residential units.


Notably, Bill personally led the development of several major transformative commercial and residential projects in downtown Montreal and has privately advised major Canadian banks, law firms and other high-profile institutions and organizations.


Bill is also the pre-eminent visionary and developer of public and private medical clinics and polyclinics in the Province of Quebec, and has worked to develop innovative partnerships with hospitals, universities and doctors to create a new model for the delivery of healthcare services.


Bill holds an Honours Economics Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from Concordia University (Sun Life Prize in Economics), a Master of Arts (M.A.) from Boston University and a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from McGill University (Chemcell Fellowship).