Deal-Making, Leasing & Activation

Specialty Deal-Making

LWLP’s specialty deal-making efforts are designed to identify and attract the unique anchor uses, businesses, operations, institutions and facilities that form critical parts of the development vision, are key drivers of visitation, experience and lifestyle, and help create a project’s identity and grow its economy. This includes identifying, attracting, galvanizing and structuring partnerships with and for unique anchor businesses, education and health care institutions, arts and cultural institutions, sports and recreation facilities, other community-serving anchors, and more.

Typical LWLP Focus Areas

  • Identifying and vetting key anchor use operators and partners
  • Relationship-building with key decision makers
  • Conceiving of deal structures and preparing business terms sheets
  • Identifying funding sources, mechanisms and approaches
  • Financial modelling of proposed approach(es)
  • Managing deal negotiation, legal documentation and finalization

Targeted Leasing & Casting™

Targeted Leasing and Casting (TLC™) is a proven LWLP branded process for the successful identification and attraction of long-term business partnerships to the centres of commercial activity of projects and communities (i.e. the commercial “heart”).

Depending on the context, these “hearts” come in many forms: From a mixed-use downtown or main street, to a market, mall, life-style centre or otherwise (or some combination thereof). But whatever the form, the businesses that populate these environments are essential to creating an authentic identity and economy of a place. TLC™ is a unique deal-making process for securing unique retailers, restauranteurs, entertainment businesses, conveniences and other services and has helped shape the long-term financial and experiential blueprints for large-scale mixed-use projects, neighborhoods and districts throughout North America, the Caribbean and Europe. Our TLC™ approach is in sharp contrast to conventional approaches to space marketing and leasing.

Typical LWLP Focus Areas

  • Leading, directing and managing a turnkey leasing and sales program and implementation
  • Developing detailed retail-mix and commercial-mix strategies
  • Generating detailed sales and/or leasing plans
  • Preparing detailed space-marketing plans
  • Delivering sales and leasing budgets and financial pro forma modelling
  • Developing deal structures and term sheets
  • Leading and directing all sales and leasing legal documentation
  • Developing and coordinating all marketing collateral, social media, other tools required to support the sales and leasing process
  • Leading tenant and/or buyer coordination process
  • Tenant management through to deal completion, design and development of tenant concepts, and seamless hand-off to tenant coordinator and asset manager

Community Drivers & Animation™ Services

LWLP also activates its projects by employing its Community Drivers and Animation (CDA™) methodology. This approach includes planning, funding, and implementing local activities, events, pop-up retail and hospitality businesses, festivals and rituals, even prior to and during development, and growing them over the long-term. CDA™ is designed to stimulate an economy and community life, even during the early years of a project, or during and after the redevelopment of a city, town, or neighborhood, and helps ensure the long-term health and vibrancy of the mixed-use heart of a community.

Typical LWLP Focus Areas

  • Assessing and producing a targeted program of activities, events and animation oriented to the targeted end-users of each community
  • Determine the locations, frequency and seasonality for the CDA™ program
  • Preparing the CDA™ business plan, budgets, resourcing and funding plans
  • Determining marketing, branding and web programming strategies and tactics
  • Implementing communications and social media strategies and tactics
  • Preparing CDA™ operations and marketing plans
  • Establishing a sustainable CDA™ plan for ongoing animation and activation