Max Reim

CEO, Co-Managing Partner & Founding Principal


Max is recognized as a world leader in conceiving and developing large-scale mixed-use placemaking projects and leads LWLP’s projects around the globe. For over 35 years, Max has led the envisioning and conceptualization, acquisition and divestiture, programming and planning, development, sales and leasing, activation and operations of over $60 billion of mixed-use assets. Max’s leadership and direct involvement in over 100 large-scale projects, towns, districts or cities in eight different countries has resulted in over 100 million people living, working, learning and playing in marvelous and memorable places.


Prior to founding LWLP, Max was the Global Vice President of Intrawest Corporation, where he led the conceiving, planning, development, sales and operations of mixed-use resort towns and recreationally-based villages throughout North America and Europe. He was also part of the leadership team that won the bid for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Earlier in his career, Max was the Vice President of Development and Corporate Operations for M-Corp Inc. across Canada, and was an Asset Manager for a wholly owned subsidiary of Power Financial Corporation.


Max has been a regular guest speaker for the Congress of New Urbanism, Seaside Institute, Urban Land Institute, Society for College and University Planning, various architecture and urban planning organizations, as well as countless cities, universities, community and business organizations.


Max was also formerly an avid athlete, who played and taught professional tennis in Canada and the United States, and was an amateur ski racer and coach for over ten years.