Burns Harbor Community Update, July 2015

Article by: Burns Harbor Redevelopment Commission, NW Indiana Life

Direct Link: http://www.nwindianalife.com/features/active-in-nwi/46-community/community-resources/54776-burns-harbor-community-update-july-2015


The Burns Harbor Redevelopment Commission (RDC) celebrated a large turnout and overall positive momentum towards future development of the town at a community update meeting held July 9.

Touted as the “largest gathering of local residents, community officials and business leaders” in the town’s history, the meeting included nearly 100 individuals at Duneland Falls Banquet & Meeting Center. LiveWorkLearnPlay (LWLP), the RDC’s master development and revitalization advisor, were also in attendance to share initial findings of a market reconnaissance.

The hour-long presentation focused on a development strategy and refreshed vision of the town, including what types of uses may or may be viable for Burns Harbor, based on market research. Specifically, the RDC and LWLP will focus the next phase of work on developing business plans and implementation. Options include: capturing the economic leakage of the millions of visitors to the area; creating an iconic Main Street USA district to build the town’s identity; increasing services and amenities available to the town’s approximate 1,400 residents; and emphasizing recreational opportunities, healthy lifestyles and festivals.

Max Reim, LWLP co-managing partner and founder, commended the town’s leadership on an exciting step forward for the future. Reim said, “The potential exists for Burns Harbor to grow into a thriving small town and still maintain its authenticity and charm.”