Development Planning & Master Development

LWLP is committed to fully leading and guiding a development or redevelopment project from conception to completion – whether for ourselves or for and with our development partners – focusing on any or all of the following:

Development Planning

  • Leading master planning and business planning efforts
  • Conceiving a differentiated positioning and compelling vision for the project
  • Conducting detailed, project research to support programming, planning, modelling, financing, sales and leasing
  • Performing a highest and best use assessment to determine the optimal development program
  • Leading all physical development planning
  • Evaluating horizontal and vertical development strategies
  • Determining development phasing strategies
  • Leading the preparation of infrastructure planning and shared services agreements
  • Providing pro forma financial analyses (ROI modelling) to support development decision-making and budgeting
  • Developing and leading comprehensive community outreach and engagement strategies to build relationships and garner project support from key public and private sector stakeholders

Master Development

  • Leading and directing the long-term execution of large-scale projects
  • Leading and securing required municipal development approvals
  • Negotiating and managing soft costs, consulting and construction budgets
  • Identifying, negotiating, structuring and concluding key anchor real estate deals
  • Identifying, pursuing, securing and managing available public funding, grants, subsidies, private financing opportunities and other enabling functions
  • Preparing real estate equity investment presentation packages, debt financing prospects, and conducting investor presentations and processes
  • Sourcing and securing funding commitments for individually phased real estate ventures
  • Providing project and construction management services, including costing, value engineering, sales, leasing and syndication
  • Preparing divestment strategy planning and execution