Real Estate Advisory

LWLP also acts as a fully-integrated, outsourced mixed-use development advisor and team, working closely with developers, pension plans, education and healthcare institutions, cities, towns, and other landowners at any stage of the development process. We begin the project evaluation, positioning, detailed market analysis, development programming and physical planning required to shape a project. We then lead the business and financial planning, determine funding strategies and legal approaches, and lay out a roadmap of key next steps for implementation. And all along the way, we help to build trust and navigate the unique political and stakeholder landscapes necessary to garner support and secure development approvals on complex projects.

Project Reconnaissance & Assessment

  • Determining the stakeholder and project guiding principles and desired outcomes
  • Analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities,¬†and threats (SWOT analysis)
  • Assessing the regional and local history, heritage, culture and other advantages
  • Conceiving the vision and project positioning to achieve compelling placemaking and differentiated market competitiveness

Competitive & Target Market Analysis

  • Performing target market and competitive trade area analyses
  • Preparing demand-based market research studies and analysis to assess and substantiate a diversity of mixed-use development programming
  • Analyzing current and estimating future development environments and appropriate mixed-use strategies
  • Identifying and analyzing comparable precedent studies, best practices and lessons learned tailor-made for each project

Programming, Site Planning & Design Development

  • Identifying the highest and best mixed-use development programming
  • Leading and directing macro physical site planning and design development of individual projects
  • Determining infrastructure, servicing and phasing strategies

Business Planning & Implementation Strategy

  • Preparing the financial pro forma modeling and development value assessment
  • Preparing all business and development plans for real estate development and investment across all development typologies
  • Developing funding strategies for the project
  • Identifying and leading development business and legal strategies
  • Conceiving of governance strategies
  • Identifying and determining development and asset risk management strategies and tactics
  • Determining project implementation strategies and tactics

Stakeholder Relations & Project Approvals

  • Leading stakeholder outreach, feedback and consensus building with key public and private sector stakeholders
  • Preparing and leading presentations to and interface with all levels of public authorities and agencies
  • Co-leading public entitlement and approvals processes